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Oral History Talk
Katharine Puttick from Fordingbridge Museum will be giving an illustrated talk using recorded memories of former residents of Fordingbridge and the surrounding areas on Friday 25th November at 7.00 pm at Avonway Community Centre. As the Museum’s Oral History coordinator, Katharine has been gathering the memories of senior members of the community using the latest digital recording techniques. She will use some of the more fascinating aspects of the recordings in her talk and illustrate them with pictures to give a unique insight into life in Fordingbridge in the 1930s. Katharine said, “In every community there will be people with clear memories of life when they were young. These are usually not written down or recorded but they can vividly show us what life was really like for ordinary people. Come along to find out what the night cart was used for, why people were sometimes seen queuing on the bridge, what the Whitsbury Rocket was, what people remember about Augustus John and much more. It will make you look at your community with new eyes.” Fordingbridge Museum is keen to record and preserve more of these revealing recollections of life in the area. If you think you can help by recording your reminiscences contact 01425 657 850.

Posted on 09 Nov 2016

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