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Knit Socks to Kitchener Pattern

Kitchener heel-less sock Cast on 60 sts, 20 each on 3 needles, K2 p2 rib for 4 ins, K straight for 6 ins, K2 p2 rib for 8ins, knit plain for 3 ins Toe K1 k2tog, k to end.

At third stitch from end k2tog and k last stitch off. Narrow in this way on each needle. K6 rows plain, then another narrowing round. K5 rows plain, then a decrease round 4 plain, then another decrease round 3 plain. Cont until 3 stitch left. Break thread, knit stitch and pull through Using darning needle weave back and forth to close opening.

Posted on 24 Feb 2017

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